Also busy around Ascension Day at Schiphol

Lately, it has been beeping and creaking when handling passengers at Schiphol. There are staff shortages in various departments, such as security. Travelers often have to wait for hours to get through the security check. In addition, it happens more than once that flights are missed due to the slow throughput. The FNV union is tired of the high workload for security guards and baggage handlers and is demanding improvements. If Schiphol does not come up with a solution before 1 June, actions will follow.

Meanwhile, travelers are complaining about the conditions at the national airport on social media. People are tired of standing in line for hours. They also complain that there are too few employees who provide information. Schiphol boss Dick Benschop returned earlier from his visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos due to the problems at the airport.

Until the summer holidays, Schiphol is counting daily on passenger numbers that are comparable to those during the May holiday. At that time, many flights had to be canceled due to crowds, staff shortages and a strike among cargo handlers.

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