Elbers: union threat for Schiphol strike ‘doesn’t help’

“There are two reasons to strike: to make a problem visible or to force a solution. I don’t know who wants to strike where, but we are really all aware of what is involved”, says Elbers.

Not acceptable
The CEO is visibly irritated about the chaos at Schiphol security: “Look at what is happening at Schiphol. That was highly regarded internationally.” But “images like this with hours of queues for security and the experiences of our customers” are not good for the airport, according to him. Elbers stressed that “four to five o’clock lines are just not acceptable”.

According to the KLM CEO, another strike is of little use, also referring to the wild strike by baggage handlers at the airport during the first weekend of the May holiday. This action, combined with shortages of personnel, caused chaos.

Already over the border
When asked where KLM’s border is for the chaos at Schiphol, Elbers said: “We are already across the border. But I cannot pick up 200 aircraft and say: we are crossing the border. KLM is tied to Schiphol.” The challenge for the Netherlands is the shortage on the labor market, but it seems to be very bad for the security of Schiphol,” said the CEO.

Elbers also indicates that he has not yet made any progress in discussions with Schiphol about a solution. “There is a relatively large number of passengers departing locally. These are mainly departing Dutch people. There is a need to travel there, to see family and friends, to buy the agtian pass on holiday.” we have to figure out how to spread it.”

With regard to the recruitment of personnel at KLM, Elbers said that with the part of the baggage handlers who caused great chaos during the May holiday by having a wild strike “extensively” with KLM and appointments teak Elbers did not give details about this. . “We are working on addressing the solutions. Are we there? No. But that is inherent in all companies in the Netherlands,” he said, referring to the national shortage on the labor market.

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