FNV threatens large-scale actions at Schiphol from 1 June due to high work pressure

Footage from Sunday circulating on social media, which we’re not sharing here for privacy reasons, shows a security guard fainting and lying on the floor. The staff sighs under the high workload, and also has to deal with curses from furious passengers who risk missing their flight due to the crowds. Monday was also extremely busy.

“Something big has to happen,” says campaign manager Joost van Doesburg of the FNV. “I am shocked and the members are frustrated”, he reacts to the busyness of Sunday and Monday. “It is completely out of control. Staff members are literally falling over.” According to Van Doesburg, security guards and handlers will not continue the enormous crowds at Schiphol until after the summer holidays.

Earlier, the FNV announced that an agreement had to be reached before the summer. The trade union wants it to become more attractive to work at Schiphol and for the amount of work to be adapted to the amount of employees available. According to the union, the number of flights must also be reduced to achieve this. Van Doesburg will continue to talk with a delegation from the airport on Wednesday, but did not want to say whether Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop will be present.

According to Van Doesburg, Schiphol ignored warnings from the workplace for months. Staff members also expected it to become a bit quieter after the May holiday, but that is not the case.

Until the summer holidays, Schiphol is counting daily on passenger numbers that are comparable to those during the May holiday. Then flights had to be canceled at the airport due to crowds and staff shortages. Flights also had to divert to Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

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