KLM temporarily stops selling tickets for flights from Schiphol

“We receive a lot of questions from customers who have seen the queues because of security and do not dare to leave Schiphol,” said a spokeswoman. KLM offers a rebooking arrangement.

The last time the waiting time for travelers often been very long at Schiphol. This has more to do with the growth in passenger numbers, but also with staff shortages on the ground. Companies therefore cancel all flights. Because of the long waiting times have even been riots at the airport, had to intervene with the military police.

Earlier in the day, Schiphol presented an action plan to counteract large crowds at the airport during the summer period. Additional staff, such as security guards, must be recruited for this, among other things. On Wednesday, Schiphol already announced that the rules for take-off and landing rights will be changed, as a result of which fewer flights will depart this summer.

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