Schiphol expects long queues of waiting passengers due to Ascension crowds

On Wednesday there was consultation between Schiphol and the trade unions about solving the workload. The FNV union announced earlier that it would take action if there is no agreement between the airport and the unions before 1 June. Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop was not personally present at the talks on Wednesday.

After the talks with the unions, Schiphol announced that they had been constructive and that there is a common goal to reach an agreement before 1 June. Another meeting is scheduled for Monday.

It has been busy at the airport since the beginning of the May holiday. Then on Saturday 23 April, the first May holiday weekend, chaos ensued due to a wild strike at baggage handlers. In the meantime, there is also a serious shortage of security personnel, which has resulted in people having to queue for hours and miss their flights in recent days.

One way to get through the checks more quickly is to use products such as Sky Priority or Privium, Schiphol’s paid service to quickly go through the entire process at the airport upon departure. The latter cannot currently handle the stream of membership applications due to lack of staff and therefore works with a waiting list. This confirms a spokesperson to this site.

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