Tracking 0LJD ETC Brent Crude Price

Wisdom Brent Bloomberg Crude Oil (0LJD ETC) It is a fully guaranteed and UCITS-certified exchange-traded commodity (ETC) designed to provide investors with a total return on risk. Brent crude oil. ETC provides total return consisting of the daily score of the Bloomberg Brent Crude Subindex (BCOMCO), as well as interest income adjusted to reflect fees and costs associated with the product.

Brent crude sub-index from Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Brent crude oil sub-index is designed to reflect movement in the price of Brent crude oilFutures contracts used in the Bloomberg Commodity Index.

The index measures the excess return performance based on futures price developments and listing returns. However, ETC provides a total return performance that also includes interest income over the specified amount.


• Getting to know the performance of Brent crude.

• UCITS are fully accepted and guaranteed.

• Transparency of performance and fees.

• Ease of investment: all in one product and does not need an investor
Brent crude oil is stored, insured or delivered.

• Risk management: You cannot lose more than the amount invested.

• Liquidity: trading on the stock exchange, with many authorized participants (AP) and
Market Makers (mm).

the potential risks

• Investing in short and leveraged ETP programs is only suitable for seasoned and/or knowledgeable investors who understand leverage, daily rebalancing and
Increase daily returns and have the desire to magnify potential losses

Investors may lose the full value of their initial investment, but they may not lose it
You lose more than your original investment

• Losses are magnified due to the nature of the leveraged returns. So, in short
And leveraged ETPs are only suitable for investors who want to get a high level of

• Transparent, cost-effective and fully secured ETC structure

• Daily formation can produce returns that the investor may not expect, if the investor has not fully understood how the WisdomTree ETP works

Trading 0LJD ETC

Wisdom Brent Bloomberg Crude Oil (0LJD ETC) It is a commodity that is traded on the European Stock Exchange. This commodity is traded on several different exchanges, such as the Italian Stock Exchange, the German Stock Exchange Xetra and the London Stock Exchange. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same ETF.

This means that it is possible to trade shares in ETC through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd nordnet And keep it up.


exchange Currency short name inside
LSE American dollar BRND IE00BVFZGD11
Italian Stock Exchange euro BRND IE00BVFZGD11
extra euro 0 dinars IE00BVFZGD11

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