Valor has launched the Valor Engine and Cosmos ETP on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

DeFi Technologies Inc. (“The Company” or “DeFi Technologies”) (NEO: DEFI, GR: RMJR, OTCQB: DEFTF), a technology firm bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance, today announced that Valor Inc. (“Valor”)), the wholly owned subsidiary of the leading digital exchange-traded products (“ETPs”) company, has been approved to commence trading Value Engine (ENJ) in Euro And Valor Cosmos (Atom) Euro on Boerse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG (“Frankfurt Stock Exchanges”). a job Value Engine (ENJ) in Euro And Valor Cosmos (Atom) Euro Starts today, May 26, 2022.

The new ETPs will make it possible for private and institutional investors to learn about the local tokens of the Engine and Cosmos networks as easily as buying shares from a bank or broker.

We are pleased to announce the listings engine And Cosmos. With a focus on creating a cutting-edge infrastructure and product portfolio, these new listings support our high aspirations”, says Tommy Franson, CEO of Valor.

Valor Enjin (ENJ) EUR ETP (ISIN CH1149139656) It strictly tracks the price of ENJ, the original token of the Enjin protocol. Enjin (“ENJ”) is a platform for creating online gaming communities based on it Ethereum blockchain. The engine aims to make the gaming experience easy for developers and gamers by providing crypto-backed values ​​and tools such as software development packages (SDKs), game plug-ins, wallets and virtual object management applications, along with a payment gateway platform. With the help of the Enjin platform, players and content creators can easily manage, distribute and trade their virtual goods, including NFT. ENJ is currently among the top eight cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization, at $600.74 million as of March 25, 2022.

Valor Cosmos (ATOM) EUR ETP (ISIN CH1149139664) Tracks the performance of the original Cosmos token. Cosmos (“ATOM”) is a cryptocurrency that drives an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interact with each other. The team aims to “Create the Internet of blockchains, a network of blockchains that can communicate with each other in a decentralized manner.” Cosmos is proof of a chain. ATOM is currently among the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization, reaching $2.9 billion as of March 25, 2022.

Valor offers fully-protected ETPs for digital assets at low to zero management fees, with product listings on four European exchanges. Valor’s current range of products includes Valor Uniswap (UNI)And Cardano (ADA)And Polkadot (DOT)And Sunshine (Sun) And Avalanche (Afax) ETPs – Plus Valur’s Leading Brands bitcoin zero valiantly Ethereum ZeroThe products, the first fully hedged passive investment product with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as core, are completely free, with competitors charging up to 2.5% in management fees.

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Value Engine (ENJ) in Euro And Valor Cosmos (Atom) Euro Traded at Boerse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG.

Borse Frankfurt is a marketplace that few Swedish banks and online brokers provide access to Dejero Do it.

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