Airlines against mandatory flight cancellations

“Based on the total package as presented, I am confident that it is not necessary. I am cautiously optimistic,” says Fruitema before new consultations with the airport depland after the weekend. However, he says that the organization “as a buck on the oat chest” to monitor the situation. “The chaos at Schiphol is extreme and unacceptable.”

The chairman says he has “good faith” in the action plan, which states, among other things, that flights will be moved to regional airports. “Every bit helps.” According to him, relocation does not mean a major loss of income for companies.

Schiphol will also limit the re-issue of slots in the near future. This means that the rights for flights are not simply given to other airlines if they do not use them. That should result in fewer flights. According to Fruitema, there are always reasons to cancel flights and airlines themselves also struggle with staff shortages and absenteeism.

Travel company TUI says that returning slots would be “a disappointment” for many holidaymakers and “not the primary solution”. Corendon says that reducing flights is “very difficult”, because most holidays for the high season have already been sold. Relocating is also a problem, because both the aircraft and crew are at Schiphol and “the only other regional airport, Rotterdam, cannot take over a large number of flights”. KLM wants to “first work on other more effective options than cancelling, with the spreading of flights and using other airports as the most important”.

Trade unions FNV and CNV will hold a separate conversation with the airport on Monday about a staff shortage and workload, which has led to long queues and waiting times in recent weeks. The agenda includes the job market announced by Schiphol to recruit more staff. It is scheduled for June 11.

Fruitema, who says he wants “more background” about the job plan, thinks this is late. “Schiphol must do something about managing public perception.”

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