Schiphol is experiencing a busy Ascension weekend, no incidents

Schiphol reports both arrivals and departures on Sunday, with an estimated total of 190,000 passengers, about 10,000 more than Saturday, who will depart and arrive throughout the day. At the end of the afternoon, the airport still has to process thousands of passengers, but ‘it will continue to flow’, according to a spokesperson.

No one had to queue outside yet in the early morning hours, but this changed after 10am. The line then continued outside the tents erected by the airport, raining down travelers trying to get through security. At the end of the afternoon, passengers who were outside all found space inside the tent.

Staff shortages
It has been very busy at the airport lately. This is partly due to staff shortages in baggage handling and security. Passengers sometimes had to queue for hours, causing problems such as missing their flight. For example, one of the busiest moments on Thursday morning was around 5 a.m., when the line, according to a KLM employee, was all the way to the highway. She also reported that she had been verbally abused a few times. KLM has reduced the sale of tickets for flights from Schiphol until Sunday due to the large crowds.

New consultations are scheduled for Monday between the airport and the trade unions FNV and CNV about the staff shortage and work pressure. The unions want an agreement to be reached before Wednesday 1 June on tackling the workload, otherwise actions will follow.

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