The AUGA ETF is a fund that invests in Australian stocks and hedges the British pound

UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Australia UCITS ETF (Hedge to Sterling) A-acc (AUGA ETF) He generally invests in large and mid-sized stocks listed on MSCI Australia to hedge 100% of the GBP Index. The relative weight of the components corresponds to their weight in the index.

The investment objective is to replicate the price and yield trend of MSCI Australia’s 100% GBP hedge.

The purpose of currency hedging is to limit the gain or loss from currency exposure when you hold an Australian dollar asset in a currency other than the Australian dollar.

The fund is passively managed.

The product described here complies with Article 6 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.

Description of UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Australia UCITS ETF (Hedging Against Sterling) A-acc

UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Australia UCITS ETF (Hedging Sterling) A-acc Invests in stocks with a focus on Australia. Dividends are reinvested in the fund (accumulated).

The total cost rate is 0.50% per annum. The fund replicates the results of the underlying index by purchasing all components of the index (full redundancy).UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Australia UCITS ETF (Hedging Sterling) A-acc It is a very small ETF with assets of £8 million under its management. AUGA ETF is 5 years old and based in Ireland.

Trading EYE ETF

UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Australia UCITS ETF (Hedge to Sterling) A-acc (AUGA ETF)It is a European exchange-traded fund that is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The London Stock Exchange is a market that a few Swedish banks and online brokers provide access to Dejero Do it.


exchange Currency short name
London Stock Exchange GBX AUGA
SIX Swiss Exchange GBP AUHGBA

biggest possession

Guarantees inside Currency Weight%
BHP Group Ltd. AU000000 Bhp4 Australian dollars 14.47
Commonwealth Bank of Australia AU000000CBA7 Australian dollars 10.33
CSL LTD AU000000CSL8 Australian dollars 7.50
National Australia Bank Limited AU000000NAB4 Australian dollars 5.54
AUST and NZ Banking Group AU000000ANZ3 Australian dollars 4.76
Westpac Banking Corporation AU000000WBC1 Australian dollars 4.61
MACQUARIE GROUP LTD AU000000MQG1 Australian dollars 3.99
Weisfarmers Ltd. AU000000WES1 Australian dollars 3.64
WOOLWORTHS LTD . COLLECTION AU000000WOW2 Australian dollars 2.69
Rio Tinto Ltd. AU000000RIO1 Australian dollars 2.57

Collectibles may change

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