‘Traveler chaos at Düsseldorf Airport lasts longer’

The long lines in the terminal are annoying for travelers but also very stressful for security personnel, he explains. The situation now poses a threat not only to the safety of the passengers but also to the health of the guards. “We currently have an absenteeism rate of more than 20 percent,” Tarim said.

Düsseldorf Airport places the responsibility with the police, who outsourced the checks to a private security firm in June 2020. Contrary to what has been contractually agreed, the company cannot supply sufficient staff. We are currently short of 140 people on each shift, said an airport spokesman. “In our view, a second security company is absolutely necessary at Düsseldorf Airport.”

The mayor of Düsseldorf agrees. He wants to contact the German national police about this in the coming days. Cologne airport is also struggling with staff shortages and queues. Both airports are also popular among Dutch travelers.

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