KLM partner Delta Air Lines is counting on fuller aircraft

Delta released its forecasts ahead of an aviation conference. The additional revenue also comes with additional costs, the company warned. On fuel alone, the company expects to lose almost a quarter more compared to 2019, the last year before the corona pandemic paralyzed aviation and tourism.

Delta is certainly not the first American airline to raise expectations. Airlines such as United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways preceded Delta in this regard.

Incidentally, staff shortages can still hinder Delta’s performance. Last weekend, the airline was forced to cancel hundreds of flights. In the coming period, Delta will also operate about a hundred fewer flights per day due to staff shortages and other problems. This quarter, Delta expects to fly at 82 to 83 percent of its capacity, compared to the period before the corona crisis. As a result, the recovery is also slightly less than previously anticipated.

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