The UC82 ETF follows the largest and most liquid corporate bonds

UBS ETF (LU) Bloomberg US Liquid Corporates 1-5 UCITS ETF (Hedge to Sterling) A-dis (UC82 ETF) It strives to track, before expenses, the price and yield trend of the total return of Bloomberg Liquid US (Hedge to Sterling).

The fund invests in bonds in the underlying index and provides exposure to US dollar-denominated securities in the investment class issued by issuers of US companies operating in the financial, industrial, and not-for-profit sectors.

The stock class is denominated in sterling and has a currency hedging that reduces the impact of currency fluctuations between the US dollar and the British pound.

The fund is passively managed.

The product described here complies with Article 6 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.

Description of UBS ETF (LU) Bloomberg American Liquid Corporates 1-5 UCITS ETF (Hedge to GBP) A-dis

UBS ETF (LU) Bloomberg US Liquid Corporates 1-5 UCITS ETF (Hedging to Sterling) A-dis invest in corporate bonds Focusing on the United States. The maturities of the bonds are between 3-5 years. Underlying bonds have investment grade ratings. ETF is exposed to currencies in US dollars. The interest income (coupons) in the fund is distributed to the investors (semi-annual).

The total cost ratio is 0.23% per annum. The fund replicates the result of the underlying index by purchasing a selection of the most relevant components of the index (sampling technique). UBS ETF (LU) Bloomberg US Liquid Corporates 1-5 UCITS ETF (Hedging to Sterling) A-dis It is a small ETF with assets of £17 million. UC82 ETF is 5 years old and based in Luxembourg.

investment strategy

The Bloomberg US Liquid Corporates 1-5 (GBP Hedged) Index tracks the largest and most liquid corporate bonds in US dollars. The hedged currency is to the British pound. Classification: investment grade. Maturity time: 1-5 years

Trade the UC82 ETF

UBS ETF (LU) Bloomberg US Liquid Corporates 1-5 Year UCITS ETF (Hedge to Sterling) A-dis (UC82 ETF) It is a European exchange-traded fund that is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The London Stock Exchange is a market that a few Swedish banks and online brokers provide access to Dejero Do it.


exchange Currency short name
London Stock Exchange GBX UC82
SIX Swiss Exchange GBP CBUS5H

biggest possession

Guarantees coupon maturity inside Currency Weight%
T-MOBILE USA INC 3.87500% 21-15.04.30 3.88 15.04.2030 US87264ABF12 American dollar 0.56
AT&T Inc 3.50000% 21-15.09.53 3.50 15.09.2053 US00206RKJ04 American dollar 0.53
WFC 5.013 04/04/51 5.01 04.04.2051 US95000U2M49 American dollar 0.53
AT&T Inc. 3.5500% 21-15.09.55 3.55 15.09.2055 United States 00206RLJ94 American dollar 0.53
Bachelor’s degree 5.805 01/05/50 5.80 01.05.2050 US097023CW33 American dollar 0.51
ABBVIE INC 4.25000% 20-21.11.49 4.25 21.11.2049 US00287YCB39 American dollar 0.49
Microsoft 2.92100% 21-17.03.52 2.92 17.03.2052 US594918CE21 American dollar 0.47
BAC 4.083 03/20/51 4.08 20.03.2051 US06051GJA85 American dollar 0.46
T 3.65 09/15/59 3.65 15.09.2059 US00206RLV23 American dollar 0.46
AT&T INC 3.80000% 21-01.12.57 3.80 01.12.2057 US00206RMN97 American dollar 0.44

Collectibles may change

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