Schiphol appeals to passengers: don’t come to the airport too early

Since the May holiday, travelers have regularly suffered from long queues due to a shortage of staff on the ground. Schiphol presented an action plan to tackle the crowds and promises employees better pay. Additional staff must also be recruited through a job market.

By allowing travelers to enter the departure hall at least four hours before departure, the airport wants to prevent passengers from queuing too early for check-in counters and security control. “The experience of recent weeks has shown that some travelers arrive much earlier than four hours in advance. This makes the lines even longer, while their check-in counter is not yet open,” Schiphol said in an explanation of the plan.

In consultation with airlines, Schiphol asks passengers to travel lightly packed. They do this by putting their hand luggage in the checked baggage or by traveling with a maximum of one piece of hand baggage. Travelers who only travel with hand luggage and who have checked in online can go directly to security.

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