Pentecost weekend starts with long queues at Schiphol

It is noticeable that many people do not have checked baggage with them. At the check-in for everyone who only has hand luggage, it is busier than at the counter where large suitcases have to be handed in. An employee indicates that the crowds are still “manageable”, but that the airport expects the busiest time of the day to come.

To prevent crowds from getting out of hand, from Friday onwards travelers will only be allowed to enter the departure halls if their flight departs within four hours. If you want to enter the departure hall, you will be asked what time your flight will leave. Most people can just walk through, but not everyone. Several dozen people have to wait because they are not allowed to enter yet.

One of the inspectors says that people generally understand that they are not allowed to enter too early. “We have to send about 2 percent away. We send them to Schiphol Plaza and then they can go back to the departure hall from the inside when it’s their turn.”

Schiphol has been struggling for weeks with a structural staff shortage in, among other things, security and handlers. Passengers often had to queue for hours. Flights were sometimes missed and there were clashes between frustrated travelers and security. The airport is working on a solution to the problems. On Wednesday, Schiphol, together with the trade unions, presented a package of measures to combat the shortage of personnel.

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