Too early at Schiphol means waiting outside

“I took the Schipholtaxi from Purmerend. They said I had to take into account traffic jams, so I took the taxi a little earlier. The road was quiet, so we could drive on and then I was half an hour too early” said a woman who was waiting outside until she was allowed in. A man tells a similar story: “I’m fifteen minutes early, but that’s because of the bus. But every now and then people come who didn’t know about it. Two travelers reacted by jell and wanted to be early. “

Since Friday, someone who wants to enter the departure hall has been asked what time the flight leaves. “Most people understand and know the new rule and if they are too early they will go to Schiphol Plaza on request. Very occasionally people get angry because they are not allowed in, the policy is to prevent them from having late problems” said one inspector.

The supervisors at the entrances are actually Schiphol office employees. They have been used especially for the crowds to check departure times at the doors. According to one of these employees, it is normal policy at Schiphol to help out when it is busy. “The office staff have to do that every year, so we’re used to it.” The audit work is done in shifts. New people start every half hour. “It’s going well for now.”

Schiphol has been struggling for weeks with a structural staff shortage in, among other things, security and handlers. This often caused great crowds in the terminals. Hence the new policy of not letting in super early travelers. Friday is again very busy, with long lines of waiting passengers. Some people even have to wait outside because the lines are so long. This mainly concerns many holidaymakers, probably people who want to take a break during the long Pentecost weekend. An employee called the crowds “manageable”.

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