KLM operation resumes according to plan on Sunday

The Dutch airline emphasizes that it is and remains its first concern to fly passengers safely back to their destination. The first stranded passengers on Saturday have now departed and at the same time hard work is being done on rebooking other passengers who do not know their destination due to the unforeseen circumstances. KLM says it is doing everything it can to get these customers to their destination as quickly as possible.

On Saturday, KLM canceled the flights of passengers in 42 aircraft, which flew empty from European destinations to Schiphol. Twelve flights could or will continue with passengers. According to the airline from Amstelveen, unfavorable weather conditions and limited runway capacity due to runway maintenance at Schiphol were the cause of the decision to temporarily suspend a geek after Europe passseagierems at the end of days. They say they understand that this decision has had a lot of impact on customers.

Unfavorable wind direction
KLM had already reduced its own capacity before this weekend due to the circumstances at Schiphol. Due to an unfavorable wind direction in combination with runway maintenance at Schiphol, air traffic control reduced capacity further on Saturday. As a result, far fewer aircraft could land or depart from Amsterdam. This means that a large number of KLM flights were delayed or even canceled on Saturday. The number of passengers who were unable to depart from Schiphol due to these external influences had increased sharply as a result.

“Incredibly annoying,” said KLM chief operating officer RenĂ© de Groot. “Despite the interventions we took earlier to make the weekend run smoothly, today has again been a very difficult day for our passengers and employees.

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