KLM will no longer transport passengers from Europe to Schiphol on Saturday

It is not clear how many flights fly to Schiphol empty. It is also not known how many passengers are unable to fly to Schiphol. The passengers who remain behind at European destinations have to wait until KLM has found an alternative flight for them. They will fly to Schiphol on Sunday at the earliest. If an overnight stay is necessary, they can look for accommodation themselves and declare the costs to KLM, according to the spokeswoman.

Schiphol is struggling with great crowds this Whitsun weekend. On top of that came adverse weather conditions and track maintenance, which created a knock-on effect and disruption on Saturday. KLM then decided, on its own initiative, not to take any more passengers back, says a KLM spokeswoman. The main reason for this is that so-called transfer passengers no longer end up at Schiphol, which is already busy. In addition, the empty devices can also quickly get people out of there. Because no one has to get out and there is no luggage.

KLM previously reported that it was canceling up to fifty flights a day this weekend. With this, the airline wants to contribute to “a manageable situation at the airport and in its own operation”, the company reported Friday.

The extra measure is intended to ensure that stranded passengers can still depart from Schiphol as much as possible on Saturday. And also that KLM can operate as many flights as possible on Sundays.

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