Rows at Schiphol extend into the open air

“Today also applies: it is a busy day. There are queues and they run well,” says an airport spokeswoman. “It’s busy, but manageable.”

Due to the crowds during the Whitsun weekend, office staff have also been deployed to manage the crowds at the airport. These employees help, among other things, with checking the flight times of passengers, who are allowed to enter the departure halls no more than four hours before their flight.

A traveler wrote on Twitter: “I didn’t believe in hell until I arrived at Schiphol today”. Accompanying the message are photos of long lines, both inside and outside the departure halls.

Some travelers of KLM airline whose flight has been canceled are angry because they only received information about this shortly before departure.

Manager of professional athletes RenĂ© Cloo only heard at Schiphol after his ride from Zwolle that his flight to Budapest had been cancelled. “It will have major business consequences, in addition to the enormous costs of approximately 1500 euros that we have incurred for this trip,” Cloo reported via WhatsApp. He had planned business talks around the Champions League final for women’s handball in Hungary.

Facility project leader Erik Freerks says he has been “stuck” in the Irish capital since Friday morning from Dublin due to KLM’s cancellations. He was already checking his luggage at Dublin airport on Saturday morning when he learned that the flight was canceled after his return flight had also been canceled on Friday. “It was trying to see because the staff here also knew nothing about it and were already checking in,” he said in a phone call.

KLM, the largest airline at Schiphol, announced that it would cancel up to 50 flights daily this Whitsun weekend to keep the crowds at the airport manageable.

However, it was not a drama at Schiphol for everyone. “We were well prepared because of all the negative reports. But the very long line quickly moved on. And I noticed that the employees remained so friendly, even with a small malfunction at security”, directly line-den says Haarlem prior to her flight to Bari, Italy.

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