TSOL ETC is a certificate from Bitpanda that tracks Solana’s price

Bitpanda Solana ETC (TSOL ETC) It is a fully secured and publicly traded exchange Cryptocurrency In the euro currency after the price of Solana. ETC is physically backed by Solana which is stored in cold storage in a regulated crypto store.

Description of Bitpanda Solana ETC

Bitpanda Solana ETC invests in Solana.

The total cost ratio is 1.49% per year. ETN replicates the underlying index development with debt securities with collateral backed by physical holdings of the precious metal. Bitpanda Solana etc It is a very small ETN. ETN is less than 1 year old and based in Germany.

investment strategy

The product tracks the value of the Solana cryptocurrency.

Product Overview

Asset Class Cryptocurrency
Products Structure Traded Cryptocurrencies (ETC)
the origin Sunshine (Sun)
base currency euro
Annual management fee 1.49%
Encryption Eligibility at Release 0.15
Replication method Full replication with physical Solana
residence Germany

Trading TSOL ETC

Bitpanda Solana ETC (TSOL ETC) It is a cryptocurrency traded on the European Stock Exchange. ETC is traded on the Deutsche Boerse Xetra.

This means that it is possible to trade units in this ETF through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd the nordnet And the keep it up.


exchange Currency short name

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