The GENE ETF invests in equal companies and trades in dollars

UBS ETF (IE) UCITS ETF (US$) A-acc (GENE ETF) It generally invests in the global Solactive Equileap Global Net Total Return Index. The relative weight of companies corresponds to their weight in the index.

The investment objective is to replicate the price and return evolution of the Solactive Equileap Global Gender Equileap 100 Leaders Net Total Return Index excluding fees. The stock price may differ from the net asset value.

The fund is passively managed.

The product described here complies with Article 8 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.

Description of the UBS ETF (IE) Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF (US$) A – According to

UBS ETF (IE) Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF (USD) A-acc invests in equities with a focus on gender, social/environmental, world. Dividends are reinvested in the fund (accumulated). Solactive Equileap Global Equileap Global Equality 100 Leaders Allow extensive investment with low fees in 100 stocks.

The total cost ratio is 0.20% per annum. The fund replicates the development of the underlying index by purchasing all components of the index (full iteration). The UBS ETF (IE) UCITS ETF (USD) A-acc is a small-scale ETF with assets under management of £79 million. The GENE ETF is over 3 years old and based in Ireland.

investment strategy

The Solactive Equileap Global Gender Index tracks 100 companies from 100 developed countries around the world that have been selected to lead the field of gender equality.

Trade the GENE ETF

UBS ETF (IE) UCITS ETF (US$) A-acc (GENE ETF) It is a European exchange-traded fund that is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The London Stock Exchange is a market that a few Swedish banks and online brokers provide access to Dejero Do it.


exchange Currency short name
London Stock Exchange GBX Gene
SIX Swiss Exchange American dollar sex

biggest possession

Guarantees inside Currency Weight%
CAIXABANK SA ES0140609019 euro 1.39
Standard rented PLC GB0004082847 GBP 1.33
Vodafone Group PLC GB00BH4HKS39 GBP 1.27
orange FR0000133308 euro 1.24
Discovery Company – A US25470F1049 American dollar 1.20
OMNICOM GROUP US6819191064 American dollar 1.19
Chevron Corporation US1667641005 American dollar 1.19
Burberry Group PLC GB0031743007 GBP 1.17
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company United States 1101221083 American dollar 1.17
australia insurance group AU000000IAG3 Australian dollars 1.17

Collectibles may change

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