4RUH ETC gives double the yield on sugar

WisdomTree Sugar 2x Daily Leveraged (4RUH ETC) It is designed to enable investors to obtain “leverage” exposure for a total return on investment in sugar futures contracts By tracking the Bloomberg Sugar Subindex (the “Index”) and providing a guaranteed return. Exposure to daily leverage means that the product is designed to reflect 200% of the daily percentage change in the index level.

For example, if an index decreases in value by 5% on a given day, the product is designed to reduce in value by 10% on that day (minus fees and charges). WisdomTree Sugar 2x with daily leverage It is a commodity that is traded on an exchange (“ETC”). It is not a UCITS product.

The securities in this ETC are regulated as interest bearing securities and not as shares (equity) and can be created and redeemed at the request of authorized participants and traded on the exchange just like shares in a company. ETC is supported by swaps. Counterparty payment obligations in the swap to the issuer are protected by collateral held and valued in the market daily. The security is kept in segregated accounts with Bank of New York Mellon.

Bloomberg Sugar Subindex Total Yield

The indicator is designed to reflect the movement in the price sugar futures contracts used in the Bloomberg Commodity Index which is constantly rotated according to a predetermined schedule. On each trading day, ETC will reflect the weak movement of the index in relation to the previous day’s close (excluding fees and expenses). So any losses will be magnified in comparison to the depreciation of the index. A leveraged ETC is only for investors who understand the risks of investing in an ETC with exposure to leverage and who intend to invest in the short term. All leveraged ETC investments must be monitored daily to ensure compliance with your investment strategy. See the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant prospectus for more information on these and other risks associated with investing in leveraged ETCs. You should consult an independent investment advisor before making an investment in a leveraged ETC to determine its suitability for your circumstances.

Trading 4RUH etc

WisdomTree Sugar 2x Daily Leveraged (4RUH ETC) It is a European exchange-traded fund. This fund is traded on many different exchanges, such as Borsa Italiana, Deutsche Boerse Xetra and the London Stock Exchange. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same ETF.

This means that it is possible to trade shares in ETC through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd the nordnet And the keep it up.


exchange Currency short name inside
Italian Stock Exchange euro LSUG JE00B2NFTW01
extra euro 4RUH DE000A0V9Y81
LSE American dollar LSUG JE00B2NFTW01

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