FCO2 ETC is now available for European investors

SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC (FCO2 ETC)the world’s first stock exchange – a product to be traded with the support of a physical EU carbon dioxide emissions (EUA) It is listed on the Deutsche Börse XETRA and Borsa Italiana stock exchanges. see also CO2 ETC for those who want to buy CO2 emissions rights.

SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC (Code: FCO2) It offers investors an easier way to invest in physical EU carbon rights, also known as Pollution Permit. Companies classified as pollutants by the European Union must possess these permits and redeem them in line with the amount of pollutants they emit. Licensees have the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2).

While other funds have tracked the price of CO2 allowances using futures and derivatives, FCO2 is the CO2 emissions that are actually replicated etc. This means that it buys and keeps the CO2 emissions in store, in line with the fund’s assets under management.

As a result, as more money goes into the fund, additional CO2 emissions are bought, leaving fewer purchases from Europe’s biggest polluters to cover greenhouse gas emissions. This makes fossil fuel consumption and polluting activities more expensive, encouraging polluters to invest in more sustainable alternatives.

With $16 trillion, and possibly more, committed to net-zero promises—much larger than the market available today with zero-net investment opportunities—investors are buying coal as a stopgap to begin addressing their climate goals. Investment in physical CO2 directly affects emissions levels in a significant way; Within six months of trading, SparkChange CO2 withheld 1.5 million tons of CO2 permits.

In addition to being included in the UK, Germany and Italy, CO2 is also sent to the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Spain and France, making this investment opportunity widely available in Europe.

Elliot Waxman, CEO of SparkChange commented: “Given the urgency of the climate crisis and the demand we’ve seen for the SparkChange FCO2, we are pleased to be able to expand our products to Europe. The Emissions Trading System is the EU’s primary tool for CO2 emissions, and giving more investors access to emissions creates a greater environmental impact and helps to Reducing the risks of carbon exposure. Thus, FCO2 is an important component in helping to achieve a successful transition to a net economy.”

Nick Benkowski, co-CEO of HANetf, said: “We are pleased to note SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC (CO2) on Deutsche Börse XETRA, Borsa Italiana and passports across other key EU markets. Although investors are undoubtedly attracted to carbon emissions as an alternative asset class, the fund’s physical iteration is also attractive to those Investors who wish to adjust their values ​​and portfolios can either use it to hedge their carbon footprint or invest in FCO2 as an alternative asset class.

When investors invest in ETC, investors are assured that their money will actively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that Europe’s biggest polluter could emit. I can’t imagine a more direct way for investors to facilitate a much-needed transition to a carbon-neutral economy than with a SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC. “

Trade FCO2 ETC

SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC (FCO2 ETC) It is a European exchange-traded fund. This fund is traded on many different stock exchanges, such as Borsa Italiana, Deutsche Boerse Xetra, Euronext Paris and the London Stock Exchange. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same ETF.

This means that it is possible to trade units in this ETF through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd the nordnet And the keep it up.


exchange Currency short name inside
LSE euro CO2 XS2353177293
LSE GBP CO2P XS2353177293
LSE American dollar CO2U XS2353177293
extra euro FCO2 XS2353177293
Italian Stock Exchange euro CO2 XS2353177293

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