Global Corporate Bond V3GX ETF with focus on ESG covered in Swiss Franc

Vanguard ESG Global Corporate Bond UCITS ETF CHF Hedged Accumulating (V3GX ETF) “Passive management” – or indexing – uses a method of investing, through the physical acquisition of securities, designed to track the results of the Bloomberg MSCI Global Float-Adjusted Liquid Securities Index (the “Index”).

The index was created from the comprehensive Bloomberg Global Float-Adjusted Index of Firms (the “Main Index”) which represents a multi-currency world of corporate bonds At fixed interest rates from both developed and emerging markets, which are then screened against specific ESG and corporate standards by the index’s sponsor, which is independent of Vanguard.

The fund enhances environmental and social characteristics by excluding interest-bearing securities from its portfolio based on the effects of the issuer’s behavior or products on society and/or the environment. This is achieved through index tracking.

The index excludes bonds from issuers that decide MSCI, the index provider’s data source, engages in activities and/or receives revenue (above the limit set by the index provider) from certain business sectors of the following: adult entertainment, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, nuclear weapons, Controversial Weapons, Conventional Weapons, Civilian Firearms, Nuclear or Thermal Coal, Oil or Gas.

The index method also excludes bonds from issuers that, according to MSCI, do not have a controversy score or a controversy score lower than one according to MSCI’s ESGControversy Assessment Framework.

If MSCI does not have sufficient data or there is no data available to adequately assess a particular issuer in relation to the ESG criteria of an index, these bonds may not be disqualified from the issuer and will remain components of the index until they can be considered inadmissible. by MSCI.

In cases where the Fund holds securities that do not meet the ESG requirements (including in cases where MSCI receives additional data that allows it to demonstrate that the issuer of the securities does not meet the relevant ESG criteria for an index), the Fund may: The relevant securities are no longer part of the Index and it is possible and practicable (in the opinion of the Investment Manager) to liquidate the position.

The company’s participation in products and behavior is monitored on an annual basis by the indicator provider and when new data is made available to the indicator provider.

In this regard, the index is in line with the characteristics that the fund is promoting.

Beskrivning av Vanguard ESG Global Corporate Bond UCITS ETF CHF Hedged Accumulating

Vanguard ESG Global Corporate Bond UCITS ETF CHF Hedged Accumulating Invests in corporate bonds with a global focus. The ETF maintains a full range of bond maturities. Underlying bonds have investment grade ratings. The interest income (coupons) is reinvested in the (accumulated) fund.

The total cost ratio is 0.15% per annum. The fund replicates the result of the underlying index by purchasing a selection of the most relevant components of the index (sampling technique). Vanguard ESG Global Corporate Bond UCITS ETF CHF Hedged Accumulating It is a very small ETF with £4 million in assets under management. The V3GX ETF is smaller than 1 year old and is based in Ireland.

investment strategy

The Bloomberg MSCI Global Liquid Corporate Float-Adjusted Bond Index (CHF Hedged) tracks corporate bonds from emerging and emerging market issuers. The index consists of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) corporate bonds that were examined. Classification: investment grade. The hedged currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Trading the V3GX ETF

Vanguard ESG Global Corporate Bond UCITS ETF CHF Hedged Accumulating (V3GX ETF) It is an exchange-traded fund that is traded on, among other places, the SIX Swiss Exchange.

SIX Swiss Exchange is a marketplace that provides access to a few Swedish banks and online brokers Dejero Do it.


exchange Currency short name
SIX Swiss Exchange Swiss Franc V3GX

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