Kyocera TASKalfa Pro 15000c printer helps AlphaGraphics win high-volume print jobs

The US subsidiary of Japan’s Kyocera continues to gain significant market share in production printing in the US with the TASKalfa Pro 15000c printer. Several small and medium-sized businesses have decided to check out how the device is revolutionizing the industry, including AlphaGraphics Boston, a leading marketing and printing company serving the Boston, Waltham and Woburn, Massachusetts areas. They provide a variety of services including full digital printing, offset printing, large format printing, postal services, processing and distribution services.

Since the installation of the Pro 15000c, AlphaGraphics has been very successful in the production printing market. The Kyocera “Cut-Sheet” inkjet printer, renowned for its reliability and stability in production, gives AlphaGraphics, the leading printing services company in the region, better chances of winning large-scale print orders.

When industry-wide supply chain disruptions and subsequent delays posed a threat to productivity, AlphaGraphics turned to Kyocera NetPrint Solutions Inc. Licensed locally to solve their biggest challenge in business. “We knew other manufacturers were using Kyocera printheads, but when we looked at the Pro 15000c, we realized that Kyocera has a faster motor and better feeders,” explains Carmine and Victoria Camerato, co-owners of AlphaGraphics Boston. “We quickly tested and confirmed the exceptional print quality of the Pro 15000c, and within a few weeks, the device was installed and production started.”

The printer that made the change

In their testimonials, customers confirm the changes that the Pro 15000c has brought to the production printing environment. Victoria Camerato explains: “We installed the Pro 15000c in late 2021 and have been impressed with its performance so far. The quality is great, there are almost no dropouts. NetPrint Solutions and Kyocera have been great partners. As owners of additional AlphaGraphics sites in Waltham and Woburn, we plan to purchase another unit in the near future.”

Chris Miller, founder of NetPrint Solutions Inc. “When you combine exceptional quality with a low cost of ownership, the Pro 15000c allows companies like Camerato to penetrate the market, provide a comprehensive end-to-end service and increase their revenue.”

Once installed, the Pro 15000c’s use of high-density inks and the ability to offer customers a variety of final product formats opened the door to new opportunities for AlphaGraphics, particularly in book publishing. Industry leading energy efficiency also contributes to lower operating costs while reducing the carbon footprint. The Pro 15000c uses less energy than other production presses. Bottom line, it gave AlphaGraphics faster performance and greater flexibility, which is critical for low to mid-range inkjet printers.

“We print faster, lower variable costs and compete with the largest providers without any problems.”

“In the past, because we were totally dependent on ink machines, we weren’t competitive,” says Carmen Camerato. “We can now print faster, reduce variable costs, easily compete with the largest providers and outpace the competition when it comes to quality and response time.”

Since its launch in 2020, TASKalfa Pro 15000c has exceeded sales and customer expectations in the United States. “We strategically targeted the market to fill the void where affordability meets scale,” says Michael Bolin, Kyocera’s director of marketing. “This device is for businesses that plan to print volumes of up to 3 million pieces per month. The device is also a powerful addition to the existing infrastructure when you want to increase productivity.” Bolin added: “Inkjet technology has made digital printing more competitive than ever, and the Pro 15000c meets the needs of the vast majority of customers in the market.”

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