The 15th Jubilee Weekend Media Festival is approaching

Exceptional lecturers and top program at the largest regional conference in Central Rovinj.

A crowd of domestic and foreign famous personalities from various fields and industries, such as media, public relations, IT, music, business and innovation, will once again enrich the exciting atmosphere of Media Weekend Festival, the largest regional conference. Thus, the Jubilee Weekend 15 from September 22-25 under the slogan #SAMOPRIDI at the headquarters of the old tobacco factory in Rovinj will host, among others, Yossi Melman, the largest expert on international security, economist Vuk Vukovic and the youngest TED spokesperson Ghodaja Wali.

Lots of interesting lecturers and their stories

The creative, advertising and media gathering through more than 35 lectures, discussions and dialogue sessions will offer curious visitors new experiences and knowledge, mainly thanks to the distinguished careers and achievements of the lecturers this year. What secrets does the dark world of espionage hide and what does it mean to worry about international security, the most respected Israeli journalist and media personality Yossi Melmanwhich will be with Igor Barghiti, spoke to the editor-in-chief of the weekly Express Express in an interview titled “What can we learn from the Mossad?” Thus opened the weekend program.

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